The Ericksons

We’re a newly retired California couple traveling as gypsies to some familiar places and discovering new ones. Come along as we meet new people and make new discoveries.  There are many roads ahead.

5 responses to “The Ericksons

  1. Dear Marilyn (Lucy) and Jack,
    We received your picture Christmas card with note today. So glad to hear from you. What an adventure you’re about to embark on. Keep in touch.
    Your blog is as good as being there! Your description is so picturesque and the pictures of yourselves emanate happiness.
    Wishing you all the best in 2012 and hoping to see you again in Canada.
    Jean and Peter


  2. Neat! Good for you. Thanks for the postings. I’ll have to wait til I can retire, but til then, I’ll just follow you virtually!!


  3. Jack and Marilyn,
    Vanessa shared your Costa Rica trip postings with me. Just lovely. Great photos and the information was great to read. Can’t wait till you set off on another adventure!
    Vicky Xlander
    Binghamton, NY


    • Stay tuned, Vicky, lots more coming from Costa Rica and Panama.
      You’ll like the zip-ling through the jungle and watching ships
      in locks at the Panama Canal.


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