Elena Ferrante’s “My Brilliant Friend”

Elena Ferrante – My Brilliant Friend

Naples-born author Elena Ferrante has swept through the literary world like a whirlwind.  If you’ve read her novels, you’ll understand why she’s so popular.

Neapolitan Series


Ferrante’s first novel in her best-selling Neapolitan series, My Brilliant Friend, premieres on HBO Sunday.  The series features two young girls Elena and Lila, growing up in an impoverished Naples neighborhood when the city was still recovering from the ravages of the Allies battling Nazi forces street by street in 1944.

You can preview the HBO movie on Ferrante’s website:Elena Ferrante.   Her publisher, Europa Editions, has arranged  #FerranteNightFeverevents at bookstores across the US leading up to the HBO premiere.

Meet Elena and Lila


In the Neapolitan series, Elena (or Lenu’ in Naples dialect, Ferrante’s autobiographical character) and Lila maintain a powerful emotional bond that lasts for decades. But the girls have different personalities: Elena is sensitive and emotionally expressive; Lila is inscrutable and tempermental.  Their relationship is troubled by their differences.

Who is Elena Ferrante? 


Ferrante is passionate about her privacy.  She uses this pen name to remain behind the curtain, not granting interviews, attending book fairs, or revealing her name.

When an Italian journalist reported that he had discovered her identify, social media exploded with indignation and rage.  “If she wants to protect her identity, let her!” was the message from fans. They respect her for wanting to maintain her privacy and not become a public figure.

BBC wrote a defense of her privacy, saying that Ferrante fever has spread around the world and gathered millions of readers of her four book series that spans 50 years of two girls maturing into women, wives, and mothers.

The Public Ferrante

But Ferrante is not shy, she maintains a public presence — behind her pen name. She writes a weekly column in The Guardian, mostly personal essays about life, hope, writing — and privacy.

I read My Brilliant Friendwhen I was researchingVesuvius Nights which takes place in contemporary Napoli. Walking the backstreets of Naples this summer, I could almost see Lenu’ and Lila walking home from school, playing in a park, or sitting on a bench, talking about their lives and dreams.  Ferrante’s characters last long after you’ve read the last page.

Book 4 in the Neapolitan Series

Ferrante’s final book in the four-book series, The Story of a Lost Child, finds Elena searching for Lila late in life.  Her lifelong friend has disappeared and not left notes, letters, or hints about where she is.

Have you read Ferrante?

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read a Ferrante novel and discover her unique story telling talents.
Her writing is superb, she draws you in with prose that is almost haunting.  You have to continue reading to follow what is going through Elena’s imaginative and searching mind.

Please share your thoughts if you’ve read a Ferrante novel or after you watch the HBO series.  You can reach me on my Publisher’sor personal web sites.

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