No One Sleeps


I’m excited to announce the publication of No One Sleeps, the sequel to Thirteen Days in Milan. 

I’ve been working on No One Sleeps for more than two years, a long time, but it involved research into many areas that were new for me. I’m fortunate to have the resources of a researcher, translators, sources, and friends in Milano who helped me along the way.

The title of the new book in Italian is Nessun Dorma.  If you know anything about opera, you’ll understand the significance of the title.

Here is a brief summary of the book:

Milan’s elite anti-terrorism DIGOS police receive a tip that a sleeper cell of Muslim terrorists have received toxic chemicals from Pakistan to make deadly sarin gas. The terrorist leader has access to Milan’s centers of finance, technology, commerce, and entertainment — all high-profile targets with hundreds of casualties in a terrorist attack.

The ebook of No One Sleeps was published in December 2016.  The paperback was released June 2017 with an official publication date of October 29.  You can order paperbacks of Thirteen Days in Milan and No One Sleeps at any bookstores.

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I’m writing Book 3 in the series, Cadorna Station, and will be researching this summer in Italy.

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2 responses to “No One Sleeps

  1. Congratulations on your new book, Jack!

    Enjoyed our visit earlier this summer; thx for taking the time to come by.

    Best to you and Lucy.



    • Thanks Pat, I’m excited about my new book. It took two years of research and writing, looking forward to its release in December.
      We hope to see you again on our next visit to the peninsula.


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