Bloody Mary Confession

Bloody Mary Confession (300dpi 2700x1800)

The ‘Story’ behind “The Story”

Bloody Mary Confession is really two stories.

One is a novel of a contemporary American mystery, a Boston Red Sox star infielder and his glamorous Hollywood actress wife.  The other story is how it evolved from a short story into a novel.  Let me share that back story before I tell you the plot.

In the past, I had published several short mysteries, all with a twist at the end  (Perfect Crime, Missing Persons, The Stalker). Reviews on ebook sites were positive with many saying (paraphrasing here): “I wish this was longer, I wanted more.”

When I read those reviews, I wondered if I could have taken time and developed a short story into a novel.  Maybe yes, maybe no, I’d never tried.  Some ideas are meant to be short stories; others need a full-length novel to tell a more complex story.

Bloody Mary Confession started two years ago as a 7,500 word short story, edited, cover designed, a clever twist at the end, ready to go.  But I didn’t publish it.  I held back, wondering if I could turn it into a novel.

A year ago I expanded it to 20,000 words, novella length, then to 40,000 words adding new characters, subplots, and back stories.  I revised it one more time this year and found places to punch it up with more intrigue, drama and character development.  I devoted nearly three chapters, building up to the suspenseful climax when readers learn the meaning of Bloody Mary Confession.

Bloody Mary Confession is over 60,000 words and ready for you.  Readers will decide if the short story idea was substantial enough to become a novel.

The Plot 

Three college students, Max, Amanda, and Debra, meet and bond at a beer-soaked keg party after their college football team, North Dakota State,  upsets their major rival, the University of North Dakota, the last game of the season, just before the snow starts to fly in North Dakota.

Max, Amanda, and Debra graduate and begin exciting careers.  Max is drafted by the Red Sox; he and Amanda marry and she becomes a Hollywood actress.  Debra, a friend to both, becomes a corporate executive.

But through life’s twists and turns over the years, each faces challenges that test their characters.  Max and Amanda, once America’s beautiful couple, divorce and go their separate ways.  Deb climbs the corporate ladder, but never finds the right man.  

Twenty years after they first met, a suspicious death — a possible murder — reunites them.  Sort of.   A dark secret emerges until a Bloody Mary Confession reveals all.

Writing is learned every day

Writing Bloody Mary Confession was a valuable learning experience. I was patient, taking time to take the germ of a story idea and discover techniques to give readers more fully developed characters, relevant back stories, personal conflicts, and heightened drama.  I hope you like it!

 Where you can find Bloody Mary Confession

Bloody Mary Confession is available at all ebook sites:  Apple’s iBooks, B&N Nook, Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. I hope you’ll read it and leave a review.  Reviews help readers as well as authors.

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