Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden

Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden


We love gardens — English, Italian, American, and Australian.  Gardens are one of the first places we visit exploring a new city.  Formal gardens often have an interesting history going back to the founding of the city, often donated by wealthy families, royalty, or city fathers who want to create a legacy for future generations.

We’d enjoyed Sydney’s gardens during our first week in Australia and wanted to visit Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden.  We were fortunate to have a Melbourne woman invite us for a Sunday walk in the Botanic garden.


We’d met Deb and Warwick a few days before at dinner in Eden on our three-day drive from Sydney to Melbourne. Warwick was returning to Canberra for work that week, but Deb wanted to show us the Royal Botanic Garden which was near our hotel and their home.

Deb and Warwick had both spent time in the U.S., studying and working.  Deb lived in Massachusetts where she got her PhD at Amherst. One of their daughters is a doctor who started interning at a Melbourne hospital the week we arrived.  Their second daughter wrote her thesis on American public policy.  The family has a long-standing affection for America.

We spent a leisurely Sunday morning with Deb having coffee and pastries at a cafe in the Gardens sharing family stories, travel tales, politics, and love of books.

Sunday morning with Deb in the Royal Botanic Gardens

After buying a few books, cards, and flower seeds for our home garden at the gift shop, we strolled for a couple of hours, admiring the beautiful trees, flowers, plants, and ponds.

It was a warm and sunny Sunday, the Australian Open had started, but many Melbourners were enjoying the good weather and pastoral settings of the city’s beautiful gardens.

Rod Laver Arena, home of Australian Open along Yarra River

Ornamental Lake

Knuckle tree

The Royal Botanic Gardens are part of a complex that includes Kings Domain, Queen Victoria Gardens, and Alexandra Garden along the south bank of the Yarra river.

Yarra River

Bridge connecting Royal Botanic Garden to Alexandra Garden

St. Kilda Bridge crossing Yarra River into Melbourne

* * * * *

Next:  Adelaide — and  kangaroos, emus, wallabies, and pandas

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  1. love gardens also- they’re Fred’s disneyland. pretty pictures.
    Have you managed to avoid the flooding?
    Take care,


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