Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney Botanic Garden

Sydney is blessed with many parks linked through the Royal Botanic Gardens to Domain Trust, and Hyde Park, all in center city.  The parks are spacious, with benches, fountains, statues, trails, semi tropical trees, flowers, and  lawns.  And very clean and well maintained.

Sydney skyline at dusk from Queen’s entrance to Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens were founded in 1816 by Governor Macquarie as the Governor’s Domain on the site of Farm Cove on Sydney Harbor, the first farm in Australia.  In the 1960’s, the gardens were divided to put in an expressway to the harbor tunnel linking Sydney’s north shore, an area of high rises office buildings and apartments.

One of the most scenic locations is a pond with a fountain surrounded by tropical trees where cockatoos and parrots rest.  The gardens have several collections of species, rose gardens, palm groves, succulents, and rare species from Howe Island in the Coral Sea.

Blooming plant from tropical garden

A wollomei pine, a rare primeval tree has a special place in the gardens.  The Wollomei was thought extinct until small groves were found in remote valleys in the Blue Mountains.

Center fountain pond; chattering parrots in tree on right

Blue gum tree, probably more than 400 years old

Almost every day we walked through the Royal Botanic Garden where we saw Grey-headed flying foxes, a large species of fruit bat hanging from tree limbs, waving in the  breeze.  The bats flew above the trees at dusk, settling in the highest branches, their feet folded under their wings and hanging upside down.

Roosting fruit bats high in trees at Botanic Gardens

The bats are a bit of a pest, not to humans or animals, but to trees which they destroy with their nesting.  Efforts are underway to reduce the size of the 22,000 population living in the gardens.

Grey-headed flying fox roosting

Colony of grey-headed flying foxes nesting in Botanic Garden

Many species of birds live in the gardens, parrots, cockatoos, herons, ibis, and wood ducks.

Ibis on grounds of Royal Botanic Gardens

Wood ducks

First Night Sydney Festival

During Opening night of Sydney Festival, our first Saturday night in town, we walked through the parks as sun was setting and the sky full of cockatoos, small parrots, and fruit bats the size of small house cats.

First night, Sydney Festival in Domain Trust Park

First night outdoor concert with Aboriginal folk singer performing

* * * * * 

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  1. Who knew a bunch of criminals could create such a beautiful colony! And you get to see fruitbats fly over as you listen to a concert, how memorable is that!


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