Sailing to Manly

Sydney has a very efficient and inexpensive public transportation network.  One can buy single day tickets, or, in our case, a seven-day ticket that allows ‘hop on, hop off’ travel on city buses, subways, trains, and ferries for about $6 a day.  We used our seven-day cards often, sometimes using all means of transportation in one day. No hassles, clean vehicles, help when you need it, and  friendly fellow passengers.

Sydney’s Harbor Bridge

 Ferries Across Sydney Harbor

Our favorite form of transportation was taking ferries across Sydney Harbor.   We took several to see the harbor and the many islands, suburbs, coves, waterfronts, and towns in the area.  Harbor ferries start and end at Circular Quay near the Harbor Bridge and next to the Opera House.   If you miss a ferry by a couple of minutes, you can walk around the Quay, have a bite to eat, sip a beer, buy an ice cream cone or souvenirs, or enjoy street artists, buskers, and didgeridoo players.

Three wharves at Circular Quay are for the public ferries, some making ‘milk runs’, stopping at all destinations east or west, and others connecting the most popular destinations.  A fourth wharf is reserved for the Manley ferry which leaves twice an hour 17 kilometers to the northeast and 40 minutes by ferry.

Manly harbor


Manly is a popular place for vacation homes and weekend getaways from the bustle of Sydney.  It boasts both an ocean beach popular with surfers and swimmers and harbor side beaches with miles of coves, trails, and vacation cottages.

Manly Harbor view

 Trail to Spit Harbor

After disembarking at Manly wharf, we walked along the beach to  link up to the paved trail to Spit Harbor, 15 kilometers to the west.  But we didn’t make it all the way to Spit Harbor, taking a more leisurely pace to snap pictures of the coves, lush vegetation, and beaches.

Scenic path to Spit Harbor

Bottle brush plants on the trail

Tropical vegetation along the path

Across the harbor was Sydney Head, the narrow passage from the Pacific Ocean into Sydney Harbor which we passed on the ferry.

Sydney Head – narrow passage leading to Pacific Ocean

Friendly Aussie lassie on the trail

And her ‘mate’ taking a break

Cove along Manly harbor

Public pool along Manly harbor path

Manly homes were not like summer resorts in the U.S.  There were only a couple of high-rise apartments; most residences were two or three-story  modern or traditional beach cottages with flowering  vegetation, palm trees, and decks facing the harbor.   The cottages looked comfortably ‘homey.’

Traditional Manly beach cottage – with model posing

Modern Manly vacation homes

More vintage Many cottage

 Corso to Ocean Beach

Back at the ferry terminal, we walked to the ocean beach along the Corso lined with shops and restaurants.  We had an early dinner at a Mexican side-walk cafe watching surfers on the ocean beach.    We walked on the sandy beach and I waded into the surf, relishing the warm ocean water.

I tried to take pictures of the swimmers and surfers at ocean beach,  but my camera monitor was dark.  I thought my battery was dead, but back on the ferry, I discovered I hadn’t taken off the lens cap!  Oh well, we’ll be on other Australian beaches in a few days.  I’ll be sure to remove my lens cap next time.

Returning to Sydney Harbor, passing Sydney Head

* * * * *

Next:  Walkabout Sydney

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7 responses to “Manly

  1. What an appealing city to discover. Check out the rents, maybe I’ll retire there. Such an advantage to speak the language while trying to find your way on public transportation. And thanks for sharing the lens cap snafu so we remember the minor blips that come up when traveling!


  2. Very Nice Photos! Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    Since I didn’t see any duck hunting pictures, I’m assuming that you weren’t
    there during duck hunting season…ho, ho, ho

    Keep Having Fun!

    Take Care, John Lee


  3. G’day – not taking off your lens cap is an old trick. I doubt that there is a photographer alive who hasn’t done that more than once.
    Great shots, especially the chick; but that old bald reader geezer, I just don’t know! Time for a Fosters


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