Australian Aboriginal Art

Australian Aboriginal Art

Sydney’s Australian Museum in Hyde Park has two interesting exhibitions, one on Indigenous Aboriginal life and Living Dangerously, a display of the dangerous insects, reptiles, animals, and marine life around the country.  A stuffed crocodile about 7 feet long looked menacing in the same case with several stuffed poisonous reptiles.

An interactive display of waves coming ashore showed poisonous jellyfish, sharks, manta rays, sea snakes, and dragon fish found in Australian waters.  (We’ll be at the Great Barrier Reef in a few weeks where we might encounter some of these creatures.)

The most impressive galleries in the museum were devoted to indigenous Australians, the Aborigines, the first people of Australia. We walked through the exhibition, amazed at the beauty and simplicity of aboriginal art, depicted in bold, primary colors.

Most works were symbols of animals, horses, reptiles, and birds vividly painted on bark.

 The Dreaming

Two common subjects in Aboriginal art are the Dreaming, a spiritual experience common to all the indigenous tribes, and the Rainbow Serpent, a reptile with mystical powers about the creative and destructive forces of nature.

Rainbow Serpent

Several works dealt with Aboriginal people’s interpretation of Christianity seen through their art.

Aboriginal interpretation of The Last Supper

(The Indigenous Aboriginal exhibit at Sydney’s Australian Museum was the first we saw.  We went to other exhibitions of aboriginal art in Melbourne and Alice Springs.)
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Next:  Manly on Sydney Harbor

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